There is no such thing as constant growth it will go over into decline at a stage. A known factor since 1972 with the publication of ‘The Limits to Growth’ published by The Club of Rome.

In September 2011 i made this piece of land art Hubbert Curve. It reminds me why things are as they are and why we stay onto the wrong track.
The Club of Rome made me aware of things very early and i acted upon it my growth has been limited. Yet the planted trees and plants on the 19 acres around the world which my hands touched do grow year by year.

I post this for the younger generation to be inspired as i once was, but don’t take my worth or image read the links.

An other good article to read.



hubbert curve


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4 Responses to GROWTH

  1. Hello roos. Long time me no online. Nice to see you’re still ‘here’. 🙂

  2. Interesting links you’ve posted. I’m not sure I have a firm grip on the Club of Rome though. If you’ve any insights you care to share about the Club, I’m all ears/eyes.

    • roos says:

      It is their report of The Limits of Growth which made me see the environment and human actions, it made me an environmentalist. I was young than but my elder brothers were talking about it and so i became involved.
      You can see it as my base.
      In short; we only have one earth with a limited resources which makes unlimited growth impossible. We are slowly but certainly ‘burning’ up this planet. We have alternatives, there is no need for growth, there is need for satisfaction. Hope this helps.

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