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My dream started in 1983 in Australia, it came from a magazine called Simple Living. A very glossy magazine with more adverts about face creams than about growing pumpkins. Something started right there amongst the amazing colour photos, in the … Continue reading

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There is no such thing as constant growth it will go over into decline at a stage. A known factor since 1972 with the publication of ‘The Limits to Growth’ published by The Club of Rome. In September 2011 i … Continue reading

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How do you finalise a piece of art that will never be finished?  By leaving it behind to let somebody else take over and put their marks on the work. How can you leave something so dear to oneself?  By … Continue reading

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        goed kunst is niet het gene waarvan men zegt go wat knap goede kunst is het gene wat jijzelf niet echt snapt het komt van het gevoel het komt naar je toe   art is not … Continue reading

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LEVIEN IK KAN JE NIET MEER ZIEN toch zal ik je weer vinden tussen de rivieren het water vult alle gaten met vloeibare golven zo ging het jaar achter jaar en alles loopt weer leeg maar toch soms kan je … Continue reading

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tree art

Made with willow by weaving to branches together and letting them grow    

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The BRIDGE forest art

The Vagdavercustis at Clegyr Boia is going to roll on into a new Land Art project called the Bridge. You can read all about it on the following blog and become a part of it. We all can plant … Continue reading

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