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How do you finalise a piece of art that will never be finished?  By leaving it behind to let somebody else take over and put their marks on the work. How can you leave something so dear to oneself?  By … Continue reading

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        goed kunst is niet het gene waarvan men zegt go wat knap goede kunst is het gene wat jijzelf niet echt snapt het komt van het gevoel het komt naar je toe   art is not … Continue reading

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Het verhaal met een foto the story by showing gardens

It all started in Australia by growing tomatoes and it ended by growing Eucalyptus trees. What now follows is the gardening story with mainly photo’s, some good some not so good as i have no scanner. Pleas take the time … Continue reading

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FREE WILL and our actions in nature

This morning I woke up with the question “Is there free will?”  Many philosophers, thinkers, artists, scientists asked this question, so I went to the internet and some books to see/read their views, while I was looking in the dark … Continue reading

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The last few months I have been looking at a new way forwards as the work on the land at Clegyr Boia slowly but certainly came to an end. After exploring the different possibilities, I will start some exiting new … Continue reading

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